His glory

God has been so good to me in the recent past.. well he has always been good to me but in the recent past, when I needed it the most, He showed me his grace. I was struggling to regain my purpose and I still wonder at times about what I’m doing but ever since I started bible journaling I feel like I have some purpose, however small it might be. From a mind of total chaos last year to where I am now, everything is because of Him and I can firmly say that he had been with me in every step.

The day I learnt that there is a thing called bible journaling ( thanks to YouTube) my life changed. When I think of it so many things that I do now started from it. It’s like a chain reaction. And ever since I learnt about bible journaling I found myself being attracted to watercolors. The biggest hurdles for me were chalky colors and paper wrapping. But one day my grandmother gifted me a set of watercolor tubes and I found them to be not chalky( trust me it was a big revelation for me), so I decided to try one of sandy allnock’s tissue paper technique and I absolutely loved it. It’s one of the few hobbies that have struck on to me well. 8 months down and I’m still into watercolors and I have invested in a few classes and in Daniel smith watercolors yay! ( which by god’s grace are available in India now. I was saving to buy at the inflated prices in India but now that they are launched here, I get to buy 2 sets at that price !)

So now I’m being led by his mercy and my bible journaling has been going at a good pace, I don’t feel pressurised to bible journal everyday/ whenever something happens. I do it now after I meditate on a verse for a few days when a proper picture forms in my mind. Trust me there was a time when I waited a month to get a proper image for journaling a verse and there were times when I’ll be practising watercolor when a particular verse comes to my mind(even though I’m not familiar with verses) or days when I just feel the need to bible journal and God shows me the verse and what to do.

Anyways I felt this blog was going as more of a review blog than God’s blog and found that I didn’t have much to write hence my absence for a long time. In the meanwhile I’ve been active on Instagram uploading my bible journaling pages. The images might not be good or the lettering might have ruined it but I don’t have a single page that don’t make me happy. I used to be cynical about the people who used to tell the same but now I get it. It’s not about the image but about the process. It’s all well and good as long as it glorifies God. Hope I can bring about this website so as to glorify him.

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