Faber Castell bi-colour pencils

Recently I wanted to journal the verse ‘THE LORD WILL FIGHT FOR YOU, YOU ONLY HAVE TO BE SILENT” Exodus 14:14. And my initial idea was to just draw a praying girl. I was thinking of ideas and nothing hit me except to draw a praying girl. But when I googled for pictures of a praying girl, all were either crying in prayer or had a serious face. Why don’t we pray to God out of joy? Those pictures decipts our problem so well.. we only pray to God out of sadness or anger or frustration but when it comes to joy or some happy incident, sure we do give thanks but do we spend the same amount of time praising him for what he has done as we did for asking? No we do not.. at least artists don’t for sure.( just kidding I know of artists who paint to give thanks and such).Well I’m guilty of not praying enough too but I do struggle to do so and hope I pray to God everyday for good or bad and with a smile on my face. And if anybody can draw a smiling praying girl I’d highly appreciate it.

So with a smile on my face, it’s yet another faber castell product review. I cannot tell how much I love their products. It was these very same colour pencils that started this, well I guess I can call it my love affair😋 with faber castell. During my PG days I noticed for the first time that all colour pencils were not created equal, most common brands had to be pressed hard on the paper to get even a light colour while some brands gave a good colour saturation with minimal pressure. It was at this time that I fell in love with faber castell coloured pencils. I had a set of 3 colours which was easy to keep in my pocket and had all the colours I needed. It was then my journey with faber castell for all my stationaries started.

I bought the pack of 18 bi colour for bible journaling because I felt it was good value for money..I get 36 colours in it! Yay! Anyways I found them to be awesome and it even had a skin tone in it.

All the colours are named.

I don’t use them often so they last quite long.

Pretty pretty colours.

Rating 5/5

Shadowing 0/5

Bleed through 0/5

Blendability 3/5

I feel it’s too good for the price

Available in packs of 3,6,9,12 and 18. I have tried the packs of 3,6 and 18 and I totally recommend them.

The pack of 6 and 12 are available everywhere. I find 3 and 18 a bit hard to find but can be bought online in amazon.






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