Chronological Life Application Study Bible

Hope you like flash backs/ where it all began and things like that,because this bible is where it all began. 5 months ago I decided enough is enough ,so put my old ways behind (well almost. I’m not perfect) and decided to follow God whole-heartedly this time. But where do I begin? How do I know what God wants me to do? Of course I can listen to preachers but aren’t they humans too? And how do I know a man of God from the false preachers around us?

There was this very good pastor, who I knew to be a man of God and he and his wife were the one who brought me close to God. But he had others to save and his work with me was finished but I was only beginning to start my journey. My faith until then was entirely based on hymns (he laughed right out when I told him this) and he was the one who made me see that without knowing the Will of God, I will never know God as I could.

Long story short, I realised that I was the main barrier to me getting close to God, it was all because I wasn’t ready to read the Bible. After some thought, I realised it was due to the language. I could read large novels in a matter of days but somehow I couldn’t read the Bible even with years in hand. So my search for a bible that would interest me began. After searching online I found that there were many chronological bibles (the events of the Bible are arranged in a chronological order ie. like a time line). I knew this was the Bible for me. On further searching, I found that the life application study bible is good for beginners of faith. And when I found that there was a bible combining both I was ecstatic. I knew this was the Bible for me( the process of getting to it was long and I’ll spare you of that misery). It came in 2 versions : KJV and NLT. I knew that the KJV was too difficult for me to understand but I had never heard of the NLT version before. But when I did some research about it I found that it’s not the most reliable version of all but many people used it because of the easy language. That one reason was enough for me to buy the Bible. I’d rather read the NLT bible and get to know the Word of God than stay ignorant.

Enough of me lets get on about the Bible. I’ll share pictures of the bible as they are pictures are lot more easier to understand that reading.

I have the hardbound bible and it comes with a cardboard covering.

The hardcover itself has a good dust jacket( high is almost the same as hard binding cover)

This is my first study bible and I absolutely love it

It is a chronological bible so it has a nice canonical index at the beginning and it’s is quite useful. You need this in a chronological bible.

The time line- so pretty with colours

The intro pages for new and old testaments

The page layout

Biblical character information card and Reference tables

It has a nice timeline at the top where you know at which part of the biblical timeline you are at.

Christian workers resources pages

Book introduction is given at the back as this is a chronological bible and chapters are randomly placed

Few blank pages at the back for your notes.

Pretty pretty maps with a lot of information.

Check out this Video for a detailed review of the chronological life application study bible. He reviews the KJV version and it’s available in NLT version too( I own it.. essentially only the version of the bible is different, everything else is the same )

I bought it on for ₹ 2456 but I’ve seen it at a cheaper price there.


  • Even though I knew I wasn’t going to get any ribbons in my bible, I was disappointed in it.

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