Flair silky twisters

Hi there after seeing sandy allnock’s bible journaling tips video, I felt my blog is kind of heading to a direction of product reviews than bible journaling. So I decided to add a little something about our lord and saviour Jesus Christ in each post, as this blog really becomes an art supplies review blog without it, thereby defeating the purpose of this blog and entire bible Journaling. It’s not about the supplies or the bible we use but about my lord who is glorified by our work. It’s my way of worshipping him because I give that time entirely to him without any other deviant thoughts. I really like to sing but not as much as painting. I love to paint as it relaxes me. So on anyday, me painting to worship God will be far sweeter than my singing because it is what I’m good at and feel close to god with. I feel that this is the thing god has gifted me and I’ve thanked him for it many times in the past and so now I use it to worship him. Nothing we do is ever going to be good enough for him but all that doesn’t matter because he loves us, so much that all our sins and shortcoming doesn’t matter. So with the aim of worshipping him and having a close time with God let’s start bible journaling .

Anyone who knows anything about bible journaling would have come across gelatos. Oh those beautiful luscious colours and the way they seam to spread on paper like butter, would have surely coveting them for your own bible. My search for gelatos in India showed me pack of 12 for ₹2000. I wasn’t ready for that kind of investment when I wasn’t sure about bible journaling and now that I’ve found these gel crayons I don’t think I’m going to invest in them any time soon. But they are definitely in my wish list, have you seen their pastels, they are so pretty. So for now the gel crayons will suffice.

I was searching for the camel gel crayons initially, but while on the hunt I found these by chance at a supermarket. They are considerably cheaper than the camel ones. They are advertised as silky crayons so I wasn’t sure if they were the right ones but I was feeling adventurous and decided to try it. I discarded the original packaging as it wasn’t very convenient so I had to get a picture from google .

It comes in a pack of 12 with a decent colour selection. They blend well with water and baby wipes plus you can do whatever technique you want to try on gelatos. I find them to be smoother than camel gel crayons and I prefer this to camel gel crayons.

The white is almost useless. They don’t have any pastel colours. It doesn’t have a pink or sky blue, I use pink and lighter blue from camel gel crayons .

It contains a fair amount of product and lasts a decent amount of time.

The colours are lighter when blending with baby wipes as the wipes pick up quite a lot of pigments which help in blending and creating a background. Blending with a brush leaves the lines in the background

A better option will be to swipe it on some plastic or OHP paper and then add water and use it as watercolours. I used this initially as watercolours to prevent the chalkiness issues with other watercolour cakes. This almost dries with a glossy finish


  • Value for money
  • 12 colours
  • Can be used as watercolours
  • Leaves behind a beautiful scent if you blend with baby wipes


  • No pink or light blue
  • Packaging not great

Ratings 4/5 (not having pink is a big issue for me)

Blending 5/5

Waterproof 0/5 but that’s useful in blending

Bleedthrough 0/5

Shadowing 0/5

It is a bit hard to find. I bought it for ₹120. I couldn’t find it online but a few stores carry them. Try out in your local stationery shop.

FlipKart has it in stock. I couldn’t find it in amazon.

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