Faber Castell connector pens

Hi there, welcome back. Hope you are armed with clear gesso and are ready to start bible journaling. I’m going to review the Faber Castell connector pens today. They bleed through horribly if you don’t use gesso. So in case you don’t mind bleed through you can use without page prep, but if you don’t want bleed through you will have to prep your page.

These pens reminds me of last Christmas when my niece wanted my set of sketch pens even though she has quite a few herself. We had come to my parents house and she wanted my set of sketch pens but, I had to say no, since she already had these at home and I don’t want to spoil her. So come Christmas Eve, Santa doesn’t have any gifts to give her and being from the small town that I am, getting some nice art supply is difficult on any day let alone on Christmas Eve. So on Christmas morn, what does she find in her stockings, the very same set of sketch pens just like her chitti’s. The look on her face when she found that her prayers had been answered was enough to show me how much it meant to her, even though it meant I had lost my set mysteriously 😉 ( she cared enough to ask me so that we could colour together the good little soul ❤ ). So spread the joy of giving through Christ , you may think of it as a small worthless thing but it could be the answer to the other person’s prayers. God works in mysterious ways.

As with any Faber Castell product, these pens are good. I have the set of 50 pens, which contains 2 black + 48 colour pens. And the colours are beautiful. I don’t think any other brand in India offers so many colours in sketch pens. They are all very beautiful colours with a few charming pastels. I totally love the colours. The pens can be connected to each other by their caps which can prevent the pens from getting lost. And different models ( refer to pic) can be made by connecting the pens with each other. It comes with 4 super connectors( the yellow ones) , whose sole purpose as far as I know is to create those models.

It comes in a nice packaging. There is something oddly satisfying about the way the packaging opens up into 2 revealing the sets of pens inside. It almost gives an artistic feel to it but hey it could be only in my head though and it wasn’t meant to be artistic in any way, just handy.

The sketch pens themselves are good quality which lasts a fairly long time( My niece has been using a similar set for a sometime now and they still work. So I can vouch for that!). Other than the colour range I feel it’s comparable to any sketch pens out there. So if you are not looking for a variety of colours, I’d still recommend these in smaller packs but in reality any brand sketch pens will do. Since you will be prepping your page anyways you don’t have to worry about the bleed through.

The colours turn out lighter on page prepped pages and take a longer time to dry. The texture on the prepped page can be felt while colouring with the sketch pens. They are not waterproof nor do they claim so.


  • Connector caps
  • More colour options
  • Nice packaging


  • Nothing great about it
  • Not named or numbered
  • Not waterproof

My mistakes

I closed my bible too soon after colouring on prepped page and the colour transferred to the opposite page. So definitely give it more time to dry if you use on prepped page.

  • Ratings 4/5
  • Bleed through 5/5
  • Waterproof 0/5
  • Shadowing 2/5 on prepped page

Gesso- the colour comes out lighter on preped pages than on unpreped ones and take longer to dry

This set of 50 pens retails for ₹275 and are available at almost every shop and yes even small towns carry them. They are available in packs of 10 (₹50), 15 (₹80), 25 (₹140) and the 50 (₹275). It also comes in a world traveller case, which includes, 30 pens, a passport and 2 colouring sticker sheets in a nice tin suitcase like box , which can be used to store other bible journaling products too. It retails for ₹350 but you can get it at a lower price

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