Faber Castell Watercolour pencils (24)

When it comes to art supplies in India, Faber Castell is my favourite everyday brand. They give awesome quality products for the price we pay. I used to hate colour pencils, that was until I used the F.C. bicolour pencils, they were so smooth on paper and realised that I did not have to apply so much pressure on the paper( not as smooth as inktense n such pencils but hey I was a newbie and it was a revelation for me). So nowadays I don’t even try out other brands, I just go to Faber Castell products straightaway (I might be missing awesome products I know but this comes without risk).

Faber Castell Watercolour pencils were my first Watercolour pencils and they did not disappoint me. It was one of the first bible journaling products I bought because I couldn’t find any Faber Castell Watercolour cakes( I still didn’t) and in my mind there is no way that these watercolour pencils can dry chalky. The chalkiness of watercolours prevented me from trying them for so long.

I have the Faber Castell watercolours 24 colours pack. It comes with a paint brush which in my opinion is a complete waste of space. You can just chuck it out and get a Faber Castell synthetic one with blue or black handles. It has a very nice packaging where the pencils can be pushed out or in a drawer like fashion, that makes it very easy to see the pencil you want. It is one of the few items where I find the packaging convenient and plan on retaining it.

The pencils are full sized and the tips are not very soft or not hard.. somewhere in between so they last long and the colour selection is lovely. I love bright colours and they have equally distributed among the colour wheel. It even has a purple and a violet shade yay! The pencils were not numbered or named and I didn’t have a problem with it at first but now I feel that it would have been better to have names or numbers, but it’s no deal breaker. I just numbered them and taped it on the ends.

The pencils are triangular in shape, which is supposed to be comfortable and I do agree with them. It really is comfortable than the traditional ones.

This beautiful video by Monica from Because Jesus bible journaling showcases one of the ways to use Watercolour pencils in the Bible Watercolour pencils by Monica and I always love listening to the beautiful message she shares. Another way to use Watercolour pencils is to just colour in and then use a wet brush on top of it. Have fun exploring new techniques.


  • Good colour range and quality for the price rangeVery good packaging
  • Lasts a long time
  • Can be used as colour pencils aw well as watercolour pencils


  • No numbering or names
  • The lines from the pencil don’t blend well after adding water. Most of the lines disappear but not all.

My mistakes:

In my first ever entry I decided to do the whole background with Watercolour pencils, but they didn’t blend well and resulted in the background having pink lines. It can’t be made out well in this picture but the darker places you see are due to the pencil lines.

Rating 5/5

Bleedthrough 0/5

Shadowing 1/5

Blendability 3/5

I would totally recommend it.

The pack of 24 retails for ₹275 and the pack of 12 retails for ₹150 but I’ve seen it for lower price at many supermarkets. Literally every supermarket carries it and it’s easy to find even in my town. Trust me you can buy this at any stationery shop.

It comes in 48 colours which retails for ₹1400, but I’d suggest to invest that money on some high quality watercolours or inktense pencils maybe.

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