Art Basics Clear Gesso

Anyone who has done a fair bit of painting would have come across the word gesso. It’s just an acrylic based paint which helps other paints adhere better. It come in a variety of colours but for bible journaling, we usually use the clear gesso. What it does is create a barrier between the paper and the paint you put on it, thereby preventing bleed through. This process is called page prep. In case you want to use pens that bleed through on both side of a paper, you’ll have to use page prep on both sides. Makes sense right?

You don’t need to prep you pages for everything, Watercolours and other supplies that don’t bleed through doesn’t need page prep. But the advantage with page prep is that you can use anything on the paper( another awesome tip by Lindsey decor). Yes you heard it right, once you prep the page, you can just use whatever supplies you have at home. You can use sketch pens, markers, highlighters, fine tip pens and whatnots( of course you can use it without page prep if you don’t mind the bleed through). So clear gesso is a worthy investment.

This is the art basics clear gesso. It costs ₹265 for 59 ml. I see no issue with this but I can’t really compare it with other brands. Pls forgive the messy lid

It comes out of the tube in a white thin paint like consistency but turns transparent when applied to the page. I apply it to the page with an artistry blender which is actually a ranger blending tool dupe. But it works well for me. I have tried the credit card method too but it had higher chances of missing a spot than this method.

The page on the right has gesso on it and as you can see the edges curls up and it has an yellowish tinge to it, but it flattens out after a few days when you close the Bible. And when you touch the page, you’ll definitely know that there is something on it.

My mistakes:

  • I miss a few spots at time and the colour appears different there.
  • I leave my finger print impression on the gesso at times. It doesn’t create a problem at all times but if I plan on covering the page with some colours, my fingerprints are a noticeable
  • At first I prepped only one half of the page and left the printing untouched as I didn’t like the yellow colour much, but it turned up wrinkly. So do yourself a favour and gesso the whole page.

Rating 5/5

I bought it at the but it’s also available at Amazon India and Crafters corner. It is also available in a 250 ml tub

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