Inspire bible NLT soft cover

Hey there this is not a proper review of the inspire bible as you can find detailed ones online. I’m just posting a few pictures that might be useful .

It came in a sturdy dust jacket, so the Bible is not damaged. My bible’s cover has some letters on it as you can see. I’m not entirely sure if that’s supposed to be there or whether it was damaged but I decided to keep it. The problem with soft cover is that the ends tend to fray, so after looking through numerous bible covers I decided to have a laminated cover. The binding is holding good and I don’t think I’ll have a problem with it.This is the front page which I haven’t coloured yetThe last pageThe ‘practice’ pages. I try out different mediums and pens here before using it in the Bible.The first time I started on this bible, I tore the page, I used gel crayons and smudged it with wet facial tissue. I was new to it and rough on the page and it tore, but it was nothing some tape couldn’t fix. I used to be a perfectionist and this incident helped me a lot to let go of it.God does work in mysterious ways.The page on the left is again gel crayons and on the left is watercoloursThis one is the first page of the book of Genesis. I used my inktense pencils for this.I used clear gesso on the page and coloured with sketch pens, I wish I hadn’t filled in with pink thoughColour pencilsI again used clear Gesso on the page and coloured in with sketch pens. No bleed through Watercolours and colour pencilsWatercolours again. Notice the torn bit on the right hand corner of the page? I guess I tugged on the wet page a little too hard. I’ll just washi tape it in. Colour pencils again. Really simple. I like the way the simple ones lookThis background is with gel crayons and coloured in with watercolour pencilsWatercolour back ground using tissue paper. Inspired by sandy allnock’s youtube videoFirst page of Joshua using colour pencils Colour pencils and sketch pens. Since I didn’t use gesso on the page, the sketch pens bled through

Gel crayons background done to hide some stains I had from the next page. All incorporated into this pageThis one was again gesso with sketch pens. I tend to do it for this kind of line arts which are difficult to colour otherwiseThese are few of the pages from my inspire bible. Hope you enjoyed them.

Lessons from this post

  • I’m not good with watercolour backgrounds. If I can put these up in a blog, you can definitely do it in your bible. God sees your heart, so he knows you mean well.
  • Be very gentle to the wet bible paper, they tear up easily.

I bought my bible from amazon for ₹916. I guess it was on sale for a few days. It has many pages to colour in and many for you to journal in. So if you want to start out bible journaling and don’t have too much time to plan on or you just want to colour or if you have a journaling block, this bible can help you a lot. I have another ESV bible which is more personal for me. And I do not cover up the text in my bible and do not recommend doing so. I have a few bibles at home which belonged to someone else and I have no idea how it got here, but still I enjoy reading them. So in case my bible ends up like that, I want that person to be able to read the word of god.

About the NLT version, it might not be the most reliable version out there but it is the easiest to read. I’ve been reading the Bible regularly after getting the NLT version than when I was using the NKJV or the KJV version. So use whatever suits you. Knowing the word of god and getting up close and personal with him is the important thing. But use KJV for quoting I guess 🙂

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