Camel Artists’ watercolour cakes

In my opinion, the basic things you need for bible art journaling are some good watercolours and a waterproof pen. Armed with these 2 supplies you can create wonders in your journaling bible, starting from simple backgrounds to elaborate art, the sky is your limit.

Watercolours! Does it take you back to school where you had to use it with the dreaded brush and colour writhing the lines? It was a nightmare and I think everybody has some bad experience in school with those student grade camlin/ camel watercolours cakes . I did and I was reluctant to start using watercolours on my bible, until I realised that the problem was due to the fact that no one taught me how to use them properly. So without proper guidance they ended up being too difficult to control and with having harsh lines which ruined my ‘art’ work and on top of that they dried with a chalky finish (this was my major put off) that reminds me of an old white washed wall( the ones done with lime I think ). So I was very reluctant to start using watercolours.

But if you are anything like me, who binges on YouTube videos, you would have found that almost everyone uses watercolours in their bible in one form or the other. And not one of them complained that it was chalky! It wasn’t until I saw a video by Lindsey decor that I realised that some cheap watercolours dry chalky and most of the others don’t have that chalky finish. I was thrilled and went on to search for non- chalky watercolours and after many trials (which I will hopefully be sharing with you in the future) I came across the camel Artist watercolours cakes in amazon.

If you have no idea on how to use watercolours in your bible,This video by Monica covers all basics on how you can Watercolour.

Back to the watercolours ,it comes in a metal tin containing 18 watercolour cakes, a synthetic brush with no number on it, one swatch card for you to sample colours and a tracing paper with the names writtten on it. It costs ₹ 200 for this box. The cakes come with nice raised edges so that the water stays in the well. I would say it’s well designed with mixing tray but in the lid. I haven’t used mine because I use a separate palette but this can be used as a palette when traveling or when you are too lazy to get yours.

This one is only a week old and you can see that I have already used a fair bit of it. I use it almost everyday in various kinds of paper because it doesn’t dry with any chalkiness. So I can write on top of it and paint with it in my prayer journal. I love love this watercolour and it is the best that I have found at this price range. It’s quality is comparable to koi watercolours which retails for about ₹750 for 12 colours. So the camel watercolours are definitely worth the price.

It is richly pigmented and has bright colours and it doesn’t bleed through. I have no idea about the light fastness but it doesn’t matter when you use it for bible journaling. They are fairly transparent, the light red, viridian and yellows are the most opaque, but at this price point it’s all good .


  • I wish it had purple colour. But you can always mix your own colours with watercolours
  • I Wish it came with more colour options
  • It has a white colour which is almost never used in watercolours
  • It’s a little bit opaque but for this price and quality I’m not complaining but I added it to cons as it might put off some people.

My mistakes

There can be no mistakes with this. It’s just perfect. My mistake would have been trying out other watercolours before.

Using watercolour wrinkles the page. I don’t mind it but if you do, you can either iron the page or wait for it to flatten on its own (it eventually does).

Be very gentle when the page is wet or you can end up tearing them ( in which case you can just use washi tape to patch it up )

Use an OHP sheet or any plastic cover below the Bible page to prevent other pages getting wet and also protect the opposite page with a plastic sheet so that the colour doesn’t get on it by mistake

For more tips and tricks be sure to check out Lindsey decor’s video on Watercolours. She shares the many ways that you can use watercolours.check out her channel Lindsey decor and watch out for her tip tuesdays.

My recommendation would be to buy the Camel artist watercolour cakes initially and save up and buy the kuretake Gansai tambi watercolour if you want some more options.

Rating 4/5 ( I can’t give 5/5 without purple sorry)

Chalkiness 0/5

Bleedthrough 0/5

Where to buy

Chennai- star mark and madras art store

I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t try many shops as much as I tried online but the shipping was about half the price of the product so I was reluctant to get it online. And on my recent visit to Chennai I was delighted to see them in the above shops and I just bought them. I’m sure they are available in many shops

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