Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pens

When I wanted to start reviewing supplies,I didn’t know where to begin, there were too many to be used and too many favourites that I wanted to do them all but I had to remind myself to take baby steps. So after much thought over which product to review first, I choose the pens! Yes pens. Not very interesting I know, but its one of the basic supplies you’ll need. Of course you can use any ball point pen you like and it doesn’t bleed through, but for drawing/tracing / sketching and painting over, I prefer technical pens. Although all technical pens work, most bleed through the Bible pages. The most commonly used pens that doesn’t bleed through are the Sakura pigma micron and the Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pen.

The Pitt artist pens are my go to pens for bible journaling . I love how it’s flows on my bible pages and doesn’t bleed through even with the extreme pressure I use it with. Being Faber Castell, one of the well known brands in India , I thought they would be more easily available everywhere in India but I was wrong. I’m from a small town and I couldn’t find them anywhere in my hometown. And even in some cities it was difficult to find. They are usually available in packs but I have seen a few shops that carry them as individual pens

My first one was a pack of 4 that I bought online ( you will find that I buy a lot of things online. As I said it’s a small town). It contained 4 tip sizes S (small), F (fine), M (medium) and B (brush). XS is the smallest tip and M is the thickest that I own. And the B is the brush pen which is the real reason I bought this pack,because I wanted to try out brush pens. Recently I purchased an XS tip which is comparable to 0.5 of the micron pens and another B tip because I frayed my old brush pen due to improper care.

All the pens cast shadows on the Bible pages so you have to embrace it but it doesn’t bleed through whatsoever or budge with water. It’s truly waterproof.

Packs of 4 comes in 2 varieties, S, F and M comes comes in both the packs but you can choose between a brush pen or XS tip depending on which pack you buy. I would recommend to buy the pack that comes with XS tip and buy a tombow fude brush pen instead of Pitt brush pen( Pitt brush pen is good but I just find the tombow easier for beginners and more forgiving to mistakes). But the pitt artist brush pen is the cheaper option.

It also comes in an 8 pack with XS, S, F, M, B along with a calligraphy pen, a small brush pen and a 1.5 nib size. I didn’t find the need for them so I didn’t buy it

This was my first entry. It was done when I was going through severe anxiety and but these were the only words ringing in my mind, so searched for the verse and wrote it down and traced a picture. God has lead me wonderfully since.

Mistakes I made:

I used my medium tipped pen on top of gel crayons and it’s tip is partially ruined (it has to be used at a certain angle to write but once started it’s all good.

And unfortunately I didn’t know how to take proper care of my brush pens then and I promptly ruined it by using it on a smooth drawing book (which obviously wasn’t smooth enough) and the tip ended up frayed.

While using any brush marker make sure you use ultra smooth paper. I found tracing paper to be the cheapest . Don’t even think of using printer paper

Rating 5/5

  • Bleed through 0/5
  • Waterproof 5/5
  • Shadowing 2/5
  • Gesso -Because it creates a rough surface use your pen with care.Make sure it’s very dry before you use your pen and there is no need to use gesso to use the Pitt artist pen

Cost ₹100 per pen.

Available at

Amazon India

Chennai– star mark, madras art store and hindustan trading company

Coimbatore– blueberry retail, Sapna book store

If you know of any other stores in any city please let me know.

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