Indian Bible Journaling

          Hi Welcome to Indian bible journaling. So I assume that you are from India and you want to start bible journaling but you have no clue as to what supplies you can use on those precious fragile bible pages. In this blog I will review bible journaling supplies that are easily available in India and a few that you can get online with a little bit of effort. I’m not going to talk about the process of bible journaling but the things you can use to do it. There are far more experienced bible journalers out there who can show you the process and I’d be happy to share links to them wherever possible.

Want to learn the process of bible journaling ? YouTube is my favourite teacher

          I’m a newbie to bible journaling. I came to know of it 4 months back and tried it on in my notebook. Well I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like to mark her bible and I had to see it as a form of worship before I could do it on the bible, but once I crossed that hurdle, I had the problem of choosing my journaling bible which i did without much fuss due to numerous YouTube videos and blogs. But the real problem arose with the supplies. Of course, you can journal with just pen or pencil and a bible but hey I love to draw and colour. So I turned to my friend the internet ( but is it though really ?) and did some research, but unlike spending time with my real friends I was overwhelmed.

          At first I was overwhelmed with the choices, the greedy girl inside me wanted to try out everything ( I know greed is a sin but I’m trying to get better with God’s help) and then I realised the real problem, I can’t afford ₹1000 for markers and watercolours and most of the supplies I wanted costs a lot.  But experiences with my unruly curly hair had taught me that usually most of the things you see people use in their videos, has its twin or its sister ( similar in so many ways yet so different) available in India,but under appreciated and underused and you just have to look hard. So again I headed online to find information on bible journaling supplies in India and what did I find? Well almost nothing. Most of the stuff I found reviews for online were imported and not easily available in store. So after many days of prayer and many days of procrastination I finally started a blog to help others like me who wanted more options and didn’t want to spend a lot of money when you can buy similar products cheaper. So let’s get started.

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