His glory

God has been so good to me in the recent past.. well he has always been good to me but in the recent past, when I needed it the most, He showed me his grace. I was struggling to regain my purpose and I still wonder at times about what I’m doing but ever since I started bible journaling I feel like I have some purpose, however small it might be. From a mind of total chaos last year to where I am now, everything is because of Him and I can firmly say that he had been with me in every step.

The day I learnt that there is a thing called bible journaling ( thanks to YouTube) my life changed. When I think of it so many things that I do now started from it. It’s like a chain reaction. And ever since I learnt about bible journaling I found myself being attracted to watercolors. The biggest hurdles for me were chalky colors and paper wrapping. But one day my grandmother gifted me a set of watercolor tubes and I found them to be not chalky( trust me it was a big revelation for me), so I decided to try one of sandy allnock’s tissue paper technique and I absolutely loved it. It’s one of the few hobbies that have struck on to me well. 8 months down and I’m still into watercolors and I have invested in a few classes and in Daniel smith watercolors yay! ( which by god’s grace are available in India now. I was saving to buy at the inflated prices in India but now that they are launched here, I get to buy 2 sets at that price !)

So now I’m being led by his mercy and my bible journaling has been going at a good pace, I don’t feel pressurised to bible journal everyday/ whenever something happens. I do it now after I meditate on a verse for a few days when a proper picture forms in my mind. Trust me there was a time when I waited a month to get a proper image for journaling a verse and there were times when I’ll be practising watercolor when a particular verse comes to my mind(even though I’m not familiar with verses) or days when I just feel the need to bible journal and God shows me the verse and what to do.

Anyways I felt this blog was going as more of a review blog than God’s blog and found that I didn’t have much to write hence my absence for a long time. In the meanwhile I’ve been active on Instagram uploading my bible journaling pages. The images might not be good or the lettering might have ruined it but I don’t have a single page that don’t make me happy. I used to be cynical about the people who used to tell the same but now I get it. It’s not about the image but about the process. It’s all well and good as long as it glorifies God. Hope I can bring about this website so as to glorify him.

Faber Castell bi-colour pencils

Recently I wanted to journal the verse ‘THE LORD WILL FIGHT FOR YOU, YOU ONLY HAVE TO BE SILENT” Exodus 14:14. And my initial idea was to just draw a praying girl. I was thinking of ideas and nothing hit me except to draw a praying girl. But when I googled for pictures of a praying girl, all were either crying in prayer or had a serious face. Why don’t we pray to God out of joy? Those pictures decipts our problem so well.. we only pray to God out of sadness or anger or frustration but when it comes to joy or some happy incident, sure we do give thanks but do we spend the same amount of time praising him for what he has done as we did for asking? No we do not.. at least artists don’t for sure.( just kidding I know of artists who paint to give thanks and such).Well I’m guilty of not praying enough too but I do struggle to do so and hope I pray to God everyday for good or bad and with a smile on my face. And if anybody can draw a smiling praying girl I’d highly appreciate it.

So with a smile on my face, it’s yet another faber castell product review. I cannot tell how much I love their products. It was these very same colour pencils that started this, well I guess I can call it my love affair😋 with faber castell. During my PG days I noticed for the first time that all colour pencils were not created equal, most common brands had to be pressed hard on the paper to get even a light colour while some brands gave a good colour saturation with minimal pressure. It was at this time that I fell in love with faber castell coloured pencils. I had a set of 3 colours which was easy to keep in my pocket and had all the colours I needed. It was then my journey with faber castell for all my stationaries started.

I bought the pack of 18 bi colour for bible journaling because I felt it was good value for money..I get 36 colours in it! Yay! Anyways I found them to be awesome and it even had a skin tone in it.

All the colours are named.

I don’t use them often so they last quite long.

Pretty pretty colours.

Rating 5/5

Shadowing 0/5

Bleed through 0/5

Blendability 3/5

I feel it’s too good for the price

Available in packs of 3,6,9,12 and 18. I have tried the packs of 3,6 and 18 and I totally recommend them.

The pack of 6 and 12 are available everywhere. I find 3 and 18 a bit hard to find but can be bought online in amazon.






Chronological Life Application Study Bible

Hope you like flash backs/ where it all began and things like that,because this bible is where it all began. 5 months ago I decided enough is enough ,so put my old ways behind (well almost. I’m not perfect) and decided to follow God whole-heartedly this time. But where do I begin? How do I know what God wants me to do? Of course I can listen to preachers but aren’t they humans too? And how do I know a man of God from the false preachers around us?

There was this very good pastor, who I knew to be a man of God and he and his wife were the one who brought me close to God. But he had others to save and his work with me was finished but I was only beginning to start my journey. My faith until then was entirely based on hymns (he laughed right out when I told him this) and he was the one who made me see that without knowing the Will of God, I will never know God as I could.

Long story short, I realised that I was the main barrier to me getting close to God, it was all because I wasn’t ready to read the Bible. After some thought, I realised it was due to the language. I could read large novels in a matter of days but somehow I couldn’t read the Bible even with years in hand. So my search for a bible that would interest me began. After searching online I found that there were many chronological bibles (the events of the Bible are arranged in a chronological order ie. like a time line). I knew this was the Bible for me. On further searching, I found that the life application study bible is good for beginners of faith. And when I found that there was a bible combining both I was ecstatic. I knew this was the Bible for me( the process of getting to it was long and I’ll spare you of that misery). It came in 2 versions : KJV and NLT. I knew that the KJV was too difficult for me to understand but I had never heard of the NLT version before. But when I did some research about it I found that it’s not the most reliable version of all but many people used it because of the easy language. That one reason was enough for me to buy the Bible. I’d rather read the NLT bible and get to know the Word of God than stay ignorant.

Enough of me lets get on about the Bible. I’ll share pictures of the bible as they are pictures are lot more easier to understand that reading.

I have the hardbound bible and it comes with a cardboard covering.

The hardcover itself has a good dust jacket( high is almost the same as hard binding cover)

This is my first study bible and I absolutely love it

It is a chronological bible so it has a nice canonical index at the beginning and it’s is quite useful. You need this in a chronological bible.

The time line- so pretty with colours

The intro pages for new and old testaments

The page layout

Biblical character information card and Reference tables

It has a nice timeline at the top where you know at which part of the biblical timeline you are at.

Christian workers resources pages

Book introduction is given at the back as this is a chronological bible and chapters are randomly placed

Few blank pages at the back for your notes.

Pretty pretty maps with a lot of information.

Check out this Video for a detailed review of the chronological life application study bible. He reviews the KJV version and it’s available in NLT version too( I own it.. essentially only the version of the bible is different, everything else is the same )

I bought it on amazon.in for ₹ 2456 but I’ve seen it at a cheaper price there.


  • Even though I knew I wasn’t going to get any ribbons in my bible, I was disappointed in it.

Flair silky twisters

Hi there after seeing sandy allnock’s bible journaling tips video, I felt my blog is kind of heading to a direction of product reviews than bible journaling. So I decided to add a little something about our lord and saviour Jesus Christ in each post, as this blog really becomes an art supplies review blog without it, thereby defeating the purpose of this blog and entire bible Journaling. It’s not about the supplies or the bible we use but about my lord who is glorified by our work. It’s my way of worshipping him because I give that time entirely to him without any other deviant thoughts. I really like to sing but not as much as painting. I love to paint as it relaxes me. So on anyday, me painting to worship God will be far sweeter than my singing because it is what I’m good at and feel close to god with. I feel that this is the thing god has gifted me and I’ve thanked him for it many times in the past and so now I use it to worship him. Nothing we do is ever going to be good enough for him but all that doesn’t matter because he loves us, so much that all our sins and shortcoming doesn’t matter. So with the aim of worshipping him and having a close time with God let’s start bible journaling .

Anyone who knows anything about bible journaling would have come across gelatos. Oh those beautiful luscious colours and the way they seam to spread on paper like butter, would have surely coveting them for your own bible. My search for gelatos in India showed me pack of 12 for ₹2000. I wasn’t ready for that kind of investment when I wasn’t sure about bible journaling and now that I’ve found these gel crayons I don’t think I’m going to invest in them any time soon. But they are definitely in my wish list, have you seen their pastels, they are so pretty. So for now the gel crayons will suffice.

I was searching for the camel gel crayons initially, but while on the hunt I found these by chance at a supermarket. They are considerably cheaper than the camel ones. They are advertised as silky crayons so I wasn’t sure if they were the right ones but I was feeling adventurous and decided to try it. I discarded the original packaging as it wasn’t very convenient so I had to get a picture from google .

It comes in a pack of 12 with a decent colour selection. They blend well with water and baby wipes plus you can do whatever technique you want to try on gelatos. I find them to be smoother than camel gel crayons and I prefer this to camel gel crayons.

The white is almost useless. They don’t have any pastel colours. It doesn’t have a pink or sky blue, I use pink and lighter blue from camel gel crayons .

It contains a fair amount of product and lasts a decent amount of time.

The colours are lighter when blending with baby wipes as the wipes pick up quite a lot of pigments which help in blending and creating a background. Blending with a brush leaves the lines in the background

A better option will be to swipe it on some plastic or OHP paper and then add water and use it as watercolours. I used this initially as watercolours to prevent the chalkiness issues with other watercolour cakes. This almost dries with a glossy finish


  • Value for money
  • 12 colours
  • Can be used as watercolours
  • Leaves behind a beautiful scent if you blend with baby wipes


  • No pink or light blue
  • Packaging not great

Ratings 4/5 (not having pink is a big issue for me)

Blending 5/5

Waterproof 0/5 but that’s useful in blending

Bleedthrough 0/5

Shadowing 0/5

It is a bit hard to find. I bought it for ₹120. I couldn’t find it online but a few stores carry them. Try out in your local stationery shop.

FlipKart has it in stock. I couldn’t find it in amazon.

Faber Castell connector pens

Hi there, welcome back. Hope you are armed with clear gesso and are ready to start bible journaling. I’m going to review the Faber Castell connector pens today. They bleed through horribly if you don’t use gesso. So in case you don’t mind bleed through you can use without page prep, but if you don’t want bleed through you will have to prep your page.

These pens reminds me of last Christmas when my niece wanted my set of sketch pens even though she has quite a few herself. We had come to my parents house and she wanted my set of sketch pens but, I had to say no, since she already had these at home and I don’t want to spoil her. So come Christmas Eve, Santa doesn’t have any gifts to give her and being from the small town that I am, getting some nice art supply is difficult on any day let alone on Christmas Eve. So on Christmas morn, what does she find in her stockings, the very same set of sketch pens just like her chitti’s. The look on her face when she found that her prayers had been answered was enough to show me how much it meant to her, even though it meant I had lost my set mysteriously 😉 ( she cared enough to ask me so that we could colour together the good little soul ❤ ). So spread the joy of giving through Christ , you may think of it as a small worthless thing but it could be the answer to the other person’s prayers. God works in mysterious ways.

As with any Faber Castell product, these pens are good. I have the set of 50 pens, which contains 2 black + 48 colour pens. And the colours are beautiful. I don’t think any other brand in India offers so many colours in sketch pens. They are all very beautiful colours with a few charming pastels. I totally love the colours. The pens can be connected to each other by their caps which can prevent the pens from getting lost. And different models ( refer to pic) can be made by connecting the pens with each other. It comes with 4 super connectors( the yellow ones) , whose sole purpose as far as I know is to create those models.

It comes in a nice packaging. There is something oddly satisfying about the way the packaging opens up into 2 revealing the sets of pens inside. It almost gives an artistic feel to it but hey it could be only in my head though and it wasn’t meant to be artistic in any way, just handy.

The sketch pens themselves are good quality which lasts a fairly long time( My niece has been using a similar set for a sometime now and they still work. So I can vouch for that!). Other than the colour range I feel it’s comparable to any sketch pens out there. So if you are not looking for a variety of colours, I’d still recommend these in smaller packs but in reality any brand sketch pens will do. Since you will be prepping your page anyways you don’t have to worry about the bleed through.

The colours turn out lighter on page prepped pages and take a longer time to dry. The texture on the prepped page can be felt while colouring with the sketch pens. They are not waterproof nor do they claim so.


  • Connector caps
  • More colour options
  • Nice packaging


  • Nothing great about it
  • Not named or numbered
  • Not waterproof

My mistakes

I closed my bible too soon after colouring on prepped page and the colour transferred to the opposite page. So definitely give it more time to dry if you use on prepped page.

  • Ratings 4/5
  • Bleed through 5/5
  • Waterproof 0/5
  • Shadowing 2/5 on prepped page

Gesso- the colour comes out lighter on preped pages than on unpreped ones and take longer to dry

This set of 50 pens retails for ₹275 and are available at almost every shop and yes even small towns carry them. They are available in packs of 10 (₹50), 15 (₹80), 25 (₹140) and the 50 (₹275). It also comes in a world traveller case, which includes, 30 pens, a passport and 2 colouring sticker sheets in a nice tin suitcase like box , which can be used to store other bible journaling products too. It retails for ₹350 but you can get it at a lower price

Faber Castell Watercolour pencils (24)

When it comes to art supplies in India, Faber Castell is my favourite everyday brand. They give awesome quality products for the price we pay. I used to hate colour pencils, that was until I used the F.C. bicolour pencils, they were so smooth on paper and realised that I did not have to apply so much pressure on the paper( not as smooth as inktense n such pencils but hey I was a newbie and it was a revelation for me). So nowadays I don’t even try out other brands, I just go to Faber Castell products straightaway (I might be missing awesome products I know but this comes without risk).

Faber Castell Watercolour pencils were my first Watercolour pencils and they did not disappoint me. It was one of the first bible journaling products I bought because I couldn’t find any Faber Castell Watercolour cakes( I still didn’t) and in my mind there is no way that these watercolour pencils can dry chalky. The chalkiness of watercolours prevented me from trying them for so long.

I have the Faber Castell watercolours 24 colours pack. It comes with a paint brush which in my opinion is a complete waste of space. You can just chuck it out and get a Faber Castell synthetic one with blue or black handles. It has a very nice packaging where the pencils can be pushed out or in a drawer like fashion, that makes it very easy to see the pencil you want. It is one of the few items where I find the packaging convenient and plan on retaining it.

The pencils are full sized and the tips are not very soft or not hard.. somewhere in between so they last long and the colour selection is lovely. I love bright colours and they have equally distributed among the colour wheel. It even has a purple and a violet shade yay! The pencils were not numbered or named and I didn’t have a problem with it at first but now I feel that it would have been better to have names or numbers, but it’s no deal breaker. I just numbered them and taped it on the ends.

The pencils are triangular in shape, which is supposed to be comfortable and I do agree with them. It really is comfortable than the traditional ones.

This beautiful video by Monica from Because Jesus bible journaling showcases one of the ways to use Watercolour pencils in the Bible Watercolour pencils by Monica and I always love listening to the beautiful message she shares. Another way to use Watercolour pencils is to just colour in and then use a wet brush on top of it. Have fun exploring new techniques.


  • Good colour range and quality for the price rangeVery good packaging
  • Lasts a long time
  • Can be used as colour pencils aw well as watercolour pencils


  • No numbering or names
  • The lines from the pencil don’t blend well after adding water. Most of the lines disappear but not all.

My mistakes:

In my first ever entry I decided to do the whole background with Watercolour pencils, but they didn’t blend well and resulted in the background having pink lines. It can’t be made out well in this picture but the darker places you see are due to the pencil lines.

Rating 5/5

Bleedthrough 0/5

Shadowing 1/5

Blendability 3/5

I would totally recommend it.

The pack of 24 retails for ₹275 and the pack of 12 retails for ₹150 but I’ve seen it for lower price at many supermarkets. Literally every supermarket carries it and it’s easy to find even in my town. Trust me you can buy this at any stationery shop.

It comes in 48 colours which retails for ₹1400, but I’d suggest to invest that money on some high quality watercolours or inktense pencils maybe.

Art Basics Clear Gesso

Anyone who has done a fair bit of painting would have come across the word gesso. It’s just an acrylic based paint which helps other paints adhere better. It come in a variety of colours but for bible journaling, we usually use the clear gesso. What it does is create a barrier between the paper and the paint you put on it, thereby preventing bleed through. This process is called page prep. In case you want to use pens that bleed through on both side of a paper, you’ll have to use page prep on both sides. Makes sense right?

You don’t need to prep you pages for everything, Watercolours and other supplies that don’t bleed through doesn’t need page prep. But the advantage with page prep is that you can use anything on the paper( another awesome tip by Lindsey decor). Yes you heard it right, once you prep the page, you can just use whatever supplies you have at home. You can use sketch pens, markers, highlighters, fine tip pens and whatnots( of course you can use it without page prep if you don’t mind the bleed through). So clear gesso is a worthy investment.

This is the art basics clear gesso. It costs ₹265 for 59 ml. I see no issue with this but I can’t really compare it with other brands. Pls forgive the messy lid

It comes out of the tube in a white thin paint like consistency but turns transparent when applied to the page. I apply it to the page with an artistry blender which is actually a ranger blending tool dupe. But it works well for me. I have tried the credit card method too but it had higher chances of missing a spot than this method.

The page on the right has gesso on it and as you can see the edges curls up and it has an yellowish tinge to it, but it flattens out after a few days when you close the Bible. And when you touch the page, you’ll definitely know that there is something on it.

My mistakes:

  • I miss a few spots at time and the colour appears different there.
  • I leave my finger print impression on the gesso at times. It doesn’t create a problem at all times but if I plan on covering the page with some colours, my fingerprints are a noticeable
  • At first I prepped only one half of the page and left the printing untouched as I didn’t like the yellow colour much, but it turned up wrinkly. So do yourself a favour and gesso the whole page.

Rating 5/5

I bought it at the Craftshop.in but it’s also available at Amazon India and Crafters corner. It is also available in a 250 ml tub

Inspire bible NLT soft cover

Hey there this is not a proper review of the inspire bible as you can find detailed ones online. I’m just posting a few pictures that might be useful .

It came in a sturdy dust jacket, so the Bible is not damaged. My bible’s cover has some letters on it as you can see. I’m not entirely sure if that’s supposed to be there or whether it was damaged but I decided to keep it. The problem with soft cover is that the ends tend to fray, so after looking through numerous bible covers I decided to have a laminated cover. The binding is holding good and I don’t think I’ll have a problem with it.This is the front page which I haven’t coloured yetThe last pageThe ‘practice’ pages. I try out different mediums and pens here before using it in the Bible.The first time I started on this bible, I tore the page, I used gel crayons and smudged it with wet facial tissue. I was new to it and rough on the page and it tore, but it was nothing some tape couldn’t fix. I used to be a perfectionist and this incident helped me a lot to let go of it.God does work in mysterious ways.The page on the left is again gel crayons and on the left is watercoloursThis one is the first page of the book of Genesis. I used my inktense pencils for this.I used clear gesso on the page and coloured with sketch pens, I wish I hadn’t filled in with pink thoughColour pencilsI again used clear Gesso on the page and coloured in with sketch pens. No bleed through Watercolours and colour pencilsWatercolours again. Notice the torn bit on the right hand corner of the page? I guess I tugged on the wet page a little too hard. I’ll just washi tape it in. Colour pencils again. Really simple. I like the way the simple ones lookThis background is with gel crayons and coloured in with watercolour pencilsWatercolour back ground using tissue paper. Inspired by sandy allnock’s youtube videoFirst page of Joshua using colour pencils Colour pencils and sketch pens. Since I didn’t use gesso on the page, the sketch pens bled through

Gel crayons background done to hide some stains I had from the next page. All incorporated into this pageThis one was again gesso with sketch pens. I tend to do it for this kind of line arts which are difficult to colour otherwiseThese are few of the pages from my inspire bible. Hope you enjoyed them.

Lessons from this post

  • I’m not good with watercolour backgrounds. If I can put these up in a blog, you can definitely do it in your bible. God sees your heart, so he knows you mean well.
  • Be very gentle to the wet bible paper, they tear up easily.

I bought my bible from amazon for ₹916. I guess it was on sale for a few days. It has many pages to colour in and many for you to journal in. So if you want to start out bible journaling and don’t have too much time to plan on or you just want to colour or if you have a journaling block, this bible can help you a lot. I have another ESV bible which is more personal for me. And I do not cover up the text in my bible and do not recommend doing so. I have a few bibles at home which belonged to someone else and I have no idea how it got here, but still I enjoy reading them. So in case my bible ends up like that, I want that person to be able to read the word of god.

About the NLT version, it might not be the most reliable version out there but it is the easiest to read. I’ve been reading the Bible regularly after getting the NLT version than when I was using the NKJV or the KJV version. So use whatever suits you. Knowing the word of god and getting up close and personal with him is the important thing. But use KJV for quoting I guess 🙂

Camel Artists’ watercolour cakes

In my opinion, the basic things you need for bible art journaling are some good watercolours and a waterproof pen. Armed with these 2 supplies you can create wonders in your journaling bible, starting from simple backgrounds to elaborate art, the sky is your limit.

Watercolours! Does it take you back to school where you had to use it with the dreaded brush and colour writhing the lines? It was a nightmare and I think everybody has some bad experience in school with those student grade camlin/ camel watercolours cakes . I did and I was reluctant to start using watercolours on my bible, until I realised that the problem was due to the fact that no one taught me how to use them properly. So without proper guidance they ended up being too difficult to control and with having harsh lines which ruined my ‘art’ work and on top of that they dried with a chalky finish (this was my major put off) that reminds me of an old white washed wall( the ones done with lime I think ). So I was very reluctant to start using watercolours.

But if you are anything like me, who binges on YouTube videos, you would have found that almost everyone uses watercolours in their bible in one form or the other. And not one of them complained that it was chalky! It wasn’t until I saw a video by Lindsey decor that I realised that some cheap watercolours dry chalky and most of the others don’t have that chalky finish. I was thrilled and went on to search for non- chalky watercolours and after many trials (which I will hopefully be sharing with you in the future) I came across the camel Artist watercolours cakes in amazon.

If you have no idea on how to use watercolours in your bible,This video by Monica covers all basics on how you can Watercolour.

Back to the watercolours ,it comes in a metal tin containing 18 watercolour cakes, a synthetic brush with no number on it, one swatch card for you to sample colours and a tracing paper with the names writtten on it. It costs ₹ 200 for this box. The cakes come with nice raised edges so that the water stays in the well. I would say it’s well designed with mixing tray but in the lid. I haven’t used mine because I use a separate palette but this can be used as a palette when traveling or when you are too lazy to get yours.

This one is only a week old and you can see that I have already used a fair bit of it. I use it almost everyday in various kinds of paper because it doesn’t dry with any chalkiness. So I can write on top of it and paint with it in my prayer journal. I love love this watercolour and it is the best that I have found at this price range. It’s quality is comparable to koi watercolours which retails for about ₹750 for 12 colours. So the camel watercolours are definitely worth the price.

It is richly pigmented and has bright colours and it doesn’t bleed through. I have no idea about the light fastness but it doesn’t matter when you use it for bible journaling. They are fairly transparent, the light red, viridian and yellows are the most opaque, but at this price point it’s all good .


  • I wish it had purple colour. But you can always mix your own colours with watercolours
  • I Wish it came with more colour options
  • It has a white colour which is almost never used in watercolours
  • It’s a little bit opaque but for this price and quality I’m not complaining but I added it to cons as it might put off some people.

My mistakes

There can be no mistakes with this. It’s just perfect. My mistake would have been trying out other watercolours before.

Using watercolour wrinkles the page. I don’t mind it but if you do, you can either iron the page or wait for it to flatten on its own (it eventually does).

Be very gentle when the page is wet or you can end up tearing them ( in which case you can just use washi tape to patch it up )

Use an OHP sheet or any plastic cover below the Bible page to prevent other pages getting wet and also protect the opposite page with a plastic sheet so that the colour doesn’t get on it by mistake

For more tips and tricks be sure to check out Lindsey decor’s video on Watercolours. She shares the many ways that you can use watercolours.check out her channel Lindsey decor and watch out for her tip tuesdays.

My recommendation would be to buy the Camel artist watercolour cakes initially and save up and buy the kuretake Gansai tambi watercolour if you want some more options.

Rating 4/5 ( I can’t give 5/5 without purple sorry)

Chalkiness 0/5

Bleedthrough 0/5

Where to buy


Chennai- star mark and madras art store

I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t try many shops as much as I tried online but the shipping was about half the price of the product so I was reluctant to get it online. And on my recent visit to Chennai I was delighted to see them in the above shops and I just bought them. I’m sure they are available in many shops

Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pens

When I wanted to start reviewing supplies,I didn’t know where to begin, there were too many to be used and too many favourites that I wanted to do them all but I had to remind myself to take baby steps. So after much thought over which product to review first, I choose the pens! Yes pens. Not very interesting I know, but its one of the basic supplies you’ll need. Of course you can use any ball point pen you like and it doesn’t bleed through, but for drawing/tracing / sketching and painting over, I prefer technical pens. Although all technical pens work, most bleed through the Bible pages. The most commonly used pens that doesn’t bleed through are the Sakura pigma micron and the Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pen.

The Pitt artist pens are my go to pens for bible journaling . I love how it’s flows on my bible pages and doesn’t bleed through even with the extreme pressure I use it with. Being Faber Castell, one of the well known brands in India , I thought they would be more easily available everywhere in India but I was wrong. I’m from a small town and I couldn’t find them anywhere in my hometown. And even in some cities it was difficult to find. They are usually available in packs but I have seen a few shops that carry them as individual pens

My first one was a pack of 4 that I bought online ( you will find that I buy a lot of things online. As I said it’s a small town). It contained 4 tip sizes S (small), F (fine), M (medium) and B (brush). XS is the smallest tip and M is the thickest that I own. And the B is the brush pen which is the real reason I bought this pack,because I wanted to try out brush pens. Recently I purchased an XS tip which is comparable to 0.5 of the micron pens and another B tip because I frayed my old brush pen due to improper care.

All the pens cast shadows on the Bible pages so you have to embrace it but it doesn’t bleed through whatsoever or budge with water. It’s truly waterproof.

Packs of 4 comes in 2 varieties, S, F and M comes comes in both the packs but you can choose between a brush pen or XS tip depending on which pack you buy. I would recommend to buy the pack that comes with XS tip and buy a tombow fude brush pen instead of Pitt brush pen( Pitt brush pen is good but I just find the tombow easier for beginners and more forgiving to mistakes). But the pitt artist brush pen is the cheaper option.

It also comes in an 8 pack with XS, S, F, M, B along with a calligraphy pen, a small brush pen and a 1.5 nib size. I didn’t find the need for them so I didn’t buy it

This was my first entry. It was done when I was going through severe anxiety and but these were the only words ringing in my mind, so searched for the verse and wrote it down and traced a picture. God has lead me wonderfully since.

Mistakes I made:

I used my medium tipped pen on top of gel crayons and it’s tip is partially ruined (it has to be used at a certain angle to write but once started it’s all good.

And unfortunately I didn’t know how to take proper care of my brush pens then and I promptly ruined it by using it on a smooth drawing book (which obviously wasn’t smooth enough) and the tip ended up frayed.

While using any brush marker make sure you use ultra smooth paper. I found tracing paper to be the cheapest . Don’t even think of using printer paper

Rating 5/5

  • Bleed through 0/5
  • Waterproof 5/5
  • Shadowing 2/5
  • Gesso -Because it creates a rough surface use your pen with care.Make sure it’s very dry before you use your pen and there is no need to use gesso to use the Pitt artist pen

Cost ₹100 per pen.

Available at

Amazon India

Chennai– star mark, madras art store and hindustan trading company

Coimbatore– blueberry retail, Sapna book store

If you know of any other stores in any city please let me know.